Very happy. Life changing.

– Rebecca, Breast Reduction, March 2015

Thank you so much for your kindness during my procedure and your much appreciated follow up

– Jack, Skin Procedure, July 2015

Thanks very much for your excellent instruction and bedside manner…I feel a thousand times more confident and secure knowing I’ve been taken care of by an expert

– Alex, Facial Skin Procedure, August 2015

I wanted you to know , your patient centred approach was very much appreciated

– Melanie, Skin Procedure, August 2015

Big thank you to you and your team, I really appreciated your care and great sense of humour during the procedure

– Dana, Skin Procedure, August 2015

I’m very grateful for the procedure. I already feel the ease and comfort on my upper back and shoulders

– Gloria, Breast Reduction, April 2015

You have to be the best Dr in the world. God bless you Dr.

– Jodi, Breast Reconstruction, February 2015

You are gifted and amazing…I don’t know how to express my appreciation ; even a huge thank you hardly holds a candle. To you and the staff both in your office and the hospital much gratitude

– Kathryn, Abdominoplasty, June 2015

You are amazing. Your professionalism before, during and after the procedure was impeccable. I knew I was in the best possible care. I wish you were my medical professional for everything. Thank you Dr. Somogyi

– Frank, Skin Procedure, July 2015