About Us

About us

Our practice is a model in the world of plastic surgery. We combine the finest in reconstructive techniques and cosmetic procedures with the latest equipment and highest level of skill to provide the ultimate patient experience in every case. To look after our large city, consultations and surgery are performed in several well-established locations across the city of Toronto. Dr. Somogyi’s main office at Wynford Plastic Surgery has been established to look after the full range of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. After consultation, patients often have the choice to have their procedures performed in North York or Downtown.

Our greatest strength, however, is our commitment to each and every patient. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you’re hoping for information and guidance, our talented surgeons and experienced staff will strive to give you exactly what you need. Our goal is to ensure that you are listened to, your questions are answered and ultimately that you are entirely comfortable in your decisions.

We will provide you with a comprehensive consultation that includes a detailed description of your procedure options, potential alternative treatments and finally recommendations of what might be best suited to you specifically. Together, we will arrive at an exciting and positive treatment plan. We look forward to being a part of this important decision in your life.


“The goal is to ensure that each patient feels comfortable with their surgeon and procedure choice and is fully and completely supported throughout their surgical journey”

— Dr. Ron Somogyi

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Credo:

  1. I will listen carefully to your goals and desires in order give you the result you want.
  2. Safety will never be compromised. If what you want isn’t completely appropriate or safe for you, the reasons will be explained and we will work together to find a solution.
  3. I am committed to clear and comprehensive patient education. Whatever time is necessary time will be taken to ensure that you understand the procedures and are comfortable with your decisions.
  4. My goal is to provide one on one personal attention. You will have continuous access – before, during and after your surgery – to me and my staff. No question or concern will ever go unaddressed.