The best bras for post-op breast surgery recovery

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22 Aug The best bras for post-op breast surgery recovery

Heal confidently with a great bra!

Never underestimate the power of a good bra. There are no great works of art in celebration of a good bra, no sonnets written in a bra’s honour, and it is rare that a speech is made about how important a good bra is. But wearing the right one can completely transform the everyday activities of the wearer for the better – especially following breast surgery!

We often hear from patients about how they wish they’d known how much having the right bra could enhance their breast surgery recovery experience.

Here are some points to consider as you find the right bra for your post-op healing and recovery.

Dr. Somogyi will provide you with a post-surgical garment to be worn immediately after your procedure. After your first post-op appointment, you will be able to change and may want to have other bra options ready as you heal over the next four weeks.

Avoid underwire or push up bras at first.

If you’re someone who likes to flaunt what you’ve got, you’ll need to be patient. Don’t worry – you’ll get there! But for now, keep comfort and support top of mind.

Don’t choose a bra that you’ll need to pull over your head.

Your mobility may be limited at first, and you’ll want to keep everything in place to heal effectively. Choose a bra that’s easy to take on and off. A front clasp is ideal, especially in your initial post-op stages of healing.

You’ll need great support.

Make sure the bra you choose allows for full support – a wider band and straps can help. This will allow your breasts to settle properly and allow for effective, complete healing.

Having a supportive bra will make you more comfortable, improve the quality of your sleep, and make sure your breasts heal looking their absolute best.

Explore your options.

» Brilliant Contours is a female-owned business specializing in post-surgical bras that you can easily order online. Not only do they understand the need for quality support and healing after surgery, but their surgical bras come in a wide array of fun patterns and colours to give your mood a boost too.
» Lululemon bras are known to be one of the best options for patients seeking a great bra after breast surgery. Bras like the Enlite Bra offer all-over seamless support. The fabric is soft and stretchy, but crossed strap support at the back ensures you’re securely held in place.
» Amoena is another online retailer specializing in bras for breast augmentation recovery. Take a look at this Amoena bra – it clasps at the front, is made of soft cotton fabric, and gives a gentle compression to aid in healing.

If you’re near our Toronto clinic, try exploring Hudson’s Bay or Nordstrom at The Eaton Centre. It can be useful to explore a store with many different brands and options in one place. This way you can try on bras from different brands to see what will feel good during post-op recovery – you can also ask for help finding bras that match your specifications.

Remember that you’ve made a change.

You’ll want to find some bras that help keep your implants lifted as they heal. This is an important change to note for breast recovery patients who may have had smaller breasts their whole life – especially if you’re used to going without a bra.

When you’re ready to exercise again, you’ll likely need to find new supportive, high-impact sports bras if you have bigger breasts following surgery.

Once you’ve healed, go get fitted again!

» Make sure you understand your new breast shape and which bras will adequately enhance, support, and showcase your new breasts.
» Wait until your swelling has subsided and your recovery is complete so you know you’re buying the right size.
» Over the first six months, even if you feel completely healed your breasts may still shift or change slightly – you may want to hold off on an expensive new wardrobe until some time has passed and you’re accustomed to your new shape.

Now go have a little fun! Enjoy your new breasts and the bras that make them feel their best.

Curious about breast surgery? Book a consultation and let’s discuss options, ideas, and any questions you may have.

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