Botox Cosmetic

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the most widely used non-surgical treatment to improve and prevent the signs of facial aging. BOTOX® Cosmetic functions by temporarily weakening facial muscles of expression that cause forehead wrinkles, frown lines, bunny lines on the nose, and wrinkles around the eyes (also known as crow’s feet).

Benefits of BOTOX®

  • Non-surgical facial rejuvenation
  • Smoother lines and wrinkles
  • A refreshed, more youthful appearance

Who is BOTOX® right for?

There are several indications for Botox treatment. In younger patients, Botox can be used to soften early wrinkles and can be used as a preventative measure. Botox is most effective in preventing significant creases from forming by limiting repeated muscle movement.

When performed effectively, a Botox treatment for this purpose does not alter your ability to produce normal facial expressions. In older patients with established lines, Botox can be used to reduce or soften the appearance of these lines and to help prevent them from worsening at the normal rate.

What to expect from BOTOX®

Botox may also be one of the most poorly understood treatments. Botox treatments can be used to improve the appearance of lines and creases for short periods of time or can be used regularly, every 3-6 months, as maintenance to keep the face as youthful and smooth as possible. An effective treatment Botox treatment should create natural results which are not obvious during normal facial expression.

Before and After BOTOX®

View Dr. Somogyi’s before and after BOTOX® photos in our gallery here.

Risks of BOTOX®

At our office, Dr. Somogyi is involved in all initial consultations to ensure Botox treatments are not only effective but completely safe. Treatments are performed by Dr. Somogyi or our Aesthetic Nurse Injector. Their combined expertise ensure that all treatments are customized to exactly the result each and every patient is looking for.

Thousands of Botox treatments are provided every year without significant complication. However, the risks of under correction, over-correction, or asymmetry are still realistic. These risks are dramatically minimized by comprehensive consultation, individualized treatments and regular follow up appointments. Our tag-team approach also means that we are always available for patients before or after treatments for questions or concerns.

How long will BOTOX® last?

Botox results are not permanent and will last for 3-6 months following treatment. If patients cease regular treatments, muscle function will return to normal and creases will re-appear as they were prior to treatment.

Cost of BOTOX®

Dr Somogyi creates each quote to reflect the specific plan for each individual patient. With Botox, this can be highly variable depending on the number of areas to be addressed and the number of units recommended.

Our Botox fees are $10 -12 per unit.

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