Breast Augmentation Before & After

30 Nov Breast Augmentation Before & After

Are you considering a Breast Augmentation? We know it can feel challenging to navigate the wealth of options, information, and variables relating to your breast surgery.

We’re passionate about equipping patients with the information they need, so that we can build a unique breast augmentation plan that you can feel completely confident in.

Dr. Somogyi has performed hundreds of breast augmentations and understands the nuance and variance between each individual augmentation. We’ll create an augmentation plan that perfectly matches your size, shape, and desired outcome. Before your surgery, you’ll have the chance to ask any questions and explore options. Dr. Somogyi’s specialized training and extensive experience have equipped him to create a surgical experience that you can feel comfortable and confident in – at every stage of the process.

Take a look at the following breast augmentation before and after photos to see how Dr. Somogyi has helped his patients to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Toronto Breast Augmentation Before After 1

Above: After a consultation with Dr. Somogyi, this patient opted for moderate profile, smooth round gel 405cc implants to achieve the full yet natural results you see here.

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Toronto Breast Augmentation Before After 2

Above: For this patient, Dr. Somogyi selected two different sizes of smooth round gel implants. With a low profile 205cc implant on the right and a moderate profile 295cc implant on the left, these perfectly balanced results were achieved.

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Toronto Breast Augmentation Before After 3

Above: This patient opted for a breast augmentation in combination with an areolar lift (mastopexy) for a fuller, lifted appearance. Moderate profile 310cc smooth round gel implants were selected for these outstanding results.

Head to our Before and After Gallery to explore more real patient results!

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