Real Patient Journeys: breast augmentation.

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Toronto Breast Augmentation

13 Jun Real Patient Journeys: breast augmentation.

I had a breast augmentation with saline implants when I was 21 years old. Later in life, I began to wonder if it was time to start thinking about undergoing a second breast augmentation. As fate would have it, cookies (yes, cookies. I’m a baker!) would have me discussing this very topic with Dr. Somogyi’s wife Ora, who—as she was picking up an order—invited me to visit Toronto Plastic Surgery for a preliminary consultation to put my mind at ease.

I knew of Dr. Somogyi because he had recently performed my friend’s double mastectomy, and she told me in no uncertain terms that he was the very best, and that she wouldn’t go anywhere else. I also knew of Dr. Brown’s stellar reputation, so it was obvious to me that anyone who worked alongside him must be good!

My “why”.

As a younger woman, I hated my breasts. I found them to be saggy and shapeless, and I was constantly self-conscious as a result. I had an extreme desire to be comfortable in my own skin, which is why I decided to undergo breast augmentation—a procedure involving the placement of an implant behind each breast to increase natural size and enhance shape—all those years ago.

Meeting Dr. Somogyi.

When I first met with Dr. Somogyi, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to undergo a second surgery. My goal was really to learn more about what might be right for me. Dr. Somogyi explained my options in detail. He was thorough and knowledgeable but was not pushy in the least, and I could tell immediately that he wanted what was best for me, and not what was best for his bottom line.

When I reached out to the plastic surgeon who performed my first surgery with the same questions and concerns, he wasn’t helpful in the least. I felt lost, left to my own devices and frustrated at the lack of information. My experience with Dr. Somogyi was the exact opposite.

With his guidance, I decided to undergo a second breast augmentation. I knew at this point that he was the right surgeon for me; there was no need to explore other options! I felt comfortable, well-taken care of, and understood. In fact, I didn’t even feel the need to describe the exact result I was looking for. I trusted him completely and was sure that he would deliver natural-looking results that fit with the overall proportions of my body.

In addition to the breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Somogyi suggested I have some liposuction performed during the procedure, on the sides of my chest. He explained that he thought that this would make me even happier with the final results. Again, he wasn’t pushy, he simply provided the required information and enabled me to make my own decision.

The surgery.

My surgery took place at The Cumberland Clinic in Yorkville. The space was lovely, very clean, open, and inviting. As I sat in the waiting room I found that I wasn’t nervous at all. In fact I was excited to wake up with what I kept referring to as a “fresh set”! As I was taken in for surgery, I remember feeling very comfortable with Dr. Somogyi and his staff. We joked around and laughed until it was time to administer the anesthesia and get the procedure started.

Since I had done this before, I thought I knew what to expect following surgery, but this time was totally different. I experienced no nausea, and much less pain than I had the first time around. I remember feeling some tenderness and bruising at the site of the liposuction, but otherwise I felt very little discomfort and recovery was much easier than I remembered. In fact, I had gallbladder surgery in September, and recovering from that procedure was much more painful!

I stayed home for a week following the surgery to allow myself some time to rest and recover, but I was back to work at the bakery after just 7 days (though I avoided lifting anything too heavy). As my recovery progressed, I also found that the stitches were performed so well that scarring was minimal and very easily hidden.

The results.

I’m extremely happy with my results. My clothes look and fit better, I’m not constantly preoccupied with how my breasts look, and I feel comfortable walking around without a shirt on (in the comfort of my own home, of course). I’m a much more confident person, which was my goal all along!

The best part? Following my surgery, my mom was so impressed with my results that she was motivated to undergo a breast lift with Dr. Somogyi. She’s been considering this procedure for years but hesitated because of various fears. Thanks to Dr. Somogyi and his team, my mom and I are both more confident than we’ve ever been. 

If you’re considering a breast augmentation with Dr. Somogyi, don’t hesitate to book a consultation.

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