A guide to breast implant types.

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16 May A guide to breast implant types.

Dr. Somogyi walks patients through this important information.

Making the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a truly personal one. Some women choose this procedure to correct breasts that they feel are too small, uneven, misshapen, or disproportionate. Others are trying to regain confidence after experiencing changes as a result of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. No matter the reason, the impact on a woman’s self-confidence can be dramatic.

Once you’ve made the decision to undergo breast augmentation, you’ll soon realize there are still a number of choices to be made. Along with your surgeon, you’ll make decisions including what breast size suits you best, incision location, implant placement, implant size, shape, and breast implant types. Ultimately these decisions will depend on a number of factors including your cosmetic goals and body type.

Choosing a breast implant type is one of the core considerations for the surgery. There is no wrong choice here, only the choice that you and your surgeon agree is best for you. That being said, we want you to have as much information as possible before making your decision. Here is a handy guide to breast implant types offered at Somogyi Plastic Surgery.

Silicone implants.

Silicone breast implants are made up of a silicone elastomer shell, filled with soft, cohesive silicone gel. Often considered to look more natural, silicone implants closely mimic the feel of a breast, and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Should you experience rupture or breakage, today’s silicone implants hold their shape, meaning the silicone will not leak or migrate outside of the breast capsule; this ensures your health is not at risk. For this reason, periodic exams and/or scans are important, especially if you’ve experienced trauma or a change to the breast.

In our experience, on average, silicone gel implants will last 15-20 years or more.

Saline implants.

Saline breast implants have the same silicone elastomer shell as silicone implants, but are filled with sterile saltwater during surgery. The look and feel of your breast will ultimately be determined by the size of the implant shell as well as the amount of saline that is used to fill it. Because these implants are inserted into the body while empty and filled once in place, saline implants may sometimes allow surgeons to use smaller incisions.

Rupture or breakage with saline implants is more obvious than with silicone, as the implant will (sometimes gradually, over several days or weeks) deflate. The leakage is safely absorbed and naturally expelled by your body.

Saline implants can sometimes feel less natural than their silicone counterparts.This will depend on the amount of natural breast tissue that you have covering the implant.

In our experience, on average, saline implants will last 10-15 years.

IDEAL® Implants.

These saline-filled implants are relatively new to the implant market, but have provided for truly amazing results. Like saline implants, the shell of this implant is a silicone elastomer – but this time with baffles within the implant to make the overall implant feel more natural. In blind tests, many patients and physicians are unable to tell the difference between IDEAL® Implants and silicone implants. Of course, since these implants are saline filled, they also have the risk of deflation over time.

Round implants.

Not only are breast implants available in a variety of sizes, they come in different shapes too. The right choice will depend on your natural breast shape and your aesthetic goals.

Round implants add an equal amount of volume around the entire circumference of the breast, making them ideal for women looking for a boost in cleavage and fullness for a youthful final result. Properly sized, round implants can provide a natural breast contour. Additionally, if they happen to rotate, they maintain the same shape at any angle. 

Shaped implants.

Shaped implants are sometimes called “anatomic” or “teardrop” implants, because they create results that mimic the shape of natural breast tissue with more fullness in the lower portion of the breast. These implants are typically used for women with smaller frames who still want to increase volume, or those who just want a more natural, anatomic look. These implants have a special texturing on their shell that limits rotation of the implant.  This texturing has been associated with a small number of unique complications and are therefore only used in very specific situations. If this is an option for you, it will be discussed in detail.

During your consultation at Somogyi Plastic Surgery, your surgeon will walk you through these options to help you make the decision that is right for you. If you’d like to schedule a surgical consultation, contact us today.

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