Breast surgery: 5 tips for recovery.

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Toronto Breast Surgery Recovery Tips

18 Jul Breast surgery: 5 tips for recovery.

Heal confidently, quickly, and happily with these useful tips.

We love seeing how confident our patients are when they’re able to enjoy their new breasts following surgery. Struggling with your breast size or shape can feel like a heavy burden, and surgery can be a great step forward that brings many benefits. But we also know that the recovery process can take a toll on patients as their body heals.

It’s important to be mentally and physically prepared for recovery so you can ensure a comfortable, quick healing process. With so much information about the actual surgery to digest, it can be hard to grasp the full picture of what breast augmentation recovery looks like. Let’s explore how you can prepare.

Here are some useful insights for recovering from breast surgery that we think everyone should know.

1. Massage is your best friend. It is useful to massage the breasts regularly following surgery – this helps with healing and circulation. This will be demonstrated for you by your surgeon’s team. This is a good regular practice for breast health, so why not get acquainted with breast massage in preparation?

2. Practice sleeping on your back leading up to your surgery. Sleeping on your back following surgery is essential as your breasts heal. Getting accustomed to sleeping this way can help with a smoother transition and restful recovery sleep.

3. Find the most comfortable bra. You will need to wear a comfortable sports bra with no underwire 24 hours a day for 4 weeks following surgery. You may wish to look for alternative bras to the surgical option your clinic may offer. Some of our patients have mentioned they like the softness and elasticity of the front zip Lululemon bras. You’ll want a bra that’s supportive and soft on sensitive healing breasts.

4. You may need to stop taking hormones or certain drugs. You will be prescribed new medication following your procedure and during healing. Certain drugs (especially hormones) that you already take may not be possible to take during the healing process. Ask your surgeon about options and more information about what to expect.

5. Create a vision or mantra to focus on during recovery for peaceful healing. The healing process can be uncomfortable at times. It can be helpful to write down what you’re looking forward to after surgery, whether it’s showcasing your silhouette, the freedom to run without back pain, or simply feeling more youthful and confident in your everyday life. Where do you picture yourself with your new breasts? In a bathing suit? On vacation? Feeling fabulous on a first date? Have these reminders close by as you heal so you can look forward to a new start.

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