Considering breast reconstruction? Here’s what you should know.

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Toronto Breast Reconstruction

14 Nov Considering breast reconstruction? Here’s what you should know.

Are you considering Breast Reconstruction?

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer or are you at high risk for it in the future? Have you previously undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy? Whatever your personal situation, you have several options for reconstructive breast surgery. We’re here to lead you through the possibilities available to you, so you can feel confident in your next step forward.

Is Breast Reconstruction right for me?

Only you will know if this surgery is right for you. For some patients this surgery brings new confidence, and a sense of reclaiming the self after going through a difficult passage. It can also make wearing regular clothes, bathing suits, etc easier. Surgery may not be an option for women with more advanced stages of cancer or other serious medical problems. With so many options available today, there is almost always one available to you. Bring any questions or concerns in to your consultation so we can explore what’s possible for you.

When can I schedule Breast Reconstruction?

Immediate Breast Reconstruction refers to reconstruction performed during the same surgery as the breast cancer removal. Delayed Breast Reconstruction refers to reconstruction performed anytime from 6 months to years after the cancer surgery. Each has pros and cons that would be discussed during your consultation. In both cases, a referral will need to be made by one of your treating physicians. In the case of Immediate Breast Reconstruction, this would need to be shortly after your diagnosis. For Delayed Reconstruction, timing is completely dependent on your personal situation. Even if this is not something you have really thought about, we encourage all women to have a consultation at some point so that educated, confident decisions can be made.

Where do I begin the process of Breast Reconstruction?

At Somogyi Plastic Surgery, our team is passionate about creating a unique surgical plan specific to your needs, vision, and body profile. Our initial consultation allows space so we can talk about your goals to create a surgical strategy that suits your vision. Not all women are ideal candidates for every type of reconstruction – we’ll talk through the possibilities to establish the best solution for you. Our amazing network of Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncologists also ensures that your reconstruction is coordinated with the rest of your breast cancer care.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Reconstructive Breast Surgery allows us to recreate a breast which has been entirely (mastectomy) or partially (lumpectomy) removed. There are two main categories of Breast Reconstruction: 1) Implant based reconstruction and 2) Reconstruction using your own tissue (typically from the abdomen). In some cases, a combination of these two techniques can be incorporated.

Learn more about the details of Breast Reconstruction here.

What else should I know about Breast Reconstruction?

> Reconstructive Breast Surgery is completely covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This even includes revision surgery or balancing procedures performed on a healthy breast to help match it to a reconstructed breast.

> Recovery time varies significantly depending on your health and the specifics of your surgery. Most patients can aim to return to normal activities after 2-4 weeks (implant-based reconstruction), or 6-8 weeks (for surgeries using your own tissues). Dr. Somogyi is here to guide you through every step of recovery.

Book a consultation today to discuss the possibilities for your Breast Reconstruction. Let’s make this next step a beautiful one – in the right direction for you.

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