Facial Fat Transfer

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer from an area of the body to the face provides an opportunity to rejuvenate the face for a more youthful appearance. The hallmarks of facial aging can include sagging skin, loss of volume, appearance of lines and creases and thinning of the skin. Facial Fat Grafting can provide a natural-looking solution to these concerns.

Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

  • Restored volume for a youthful, natural appearance
  • Lift sagging skin and smooth wrinkles
  • More permanent results than injectable facial fillers

Who is Facial Fat Transfer right for?

Fat transfer to the face may be right for you if you’re looking to restore your facial appearance to a more youthful state. This procedure is often performed in combination with a facelift for restoration of volume and improvement in skin quality, in addition to the correction of sagging skin and creases provided by a facelift.

While injectable facial fillers are an excellent option for facial rejuvenation, Facial Fat Grafting can provide a more permanent solution.

Facial Fat Transfer options

When discussing options for facial rejuvenation, Dr. Somogyi will always consider all the surgical and non-surgical options available to you. A customized plan will be thoughtfully created and tailored to ensure that you meet your aesthetic goals with maximum comfort and minimal downtime.

How does a Facial Fat Transfer work?

Fat transfer to the face can be used alone or in combination with a facelift to restore natural, youthful rejuvenation to the face. Fat grafting can also be performed alone under local anesthetic as a more permanent substitute to Hyaluronic Acid fillers.

What to expect from Facial Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the face is performed by harvesting a small amount of fat from the flank, abdomen or thigh. This is processed, purified and re-injected into the face. Specifically, the fat is used to augment the cheeks, temples and lips. It can also be used to fill creases around the mouth and under the eyes. Fat grafting to the face can also contribute to a rejuvenating effect to the skin itself, adding thickness and vitality by transferring healthy stem cells.

Similar to injectable fillers, fat transfer to the face can provide volume in deficient areas such as in the temples, cheeks, and lips. It can also be used to fill lines or creases. Unlike Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, however, it does not have the same type of “lifting” power and is not as powerful for shaping the jawline or chin.

Recovery from Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer is most commonly used in combination with another facial surgery. In these cases, the recovery is determined predominantly by the details of the other surgery. Recovery from this procedure alone includes 2 weeks of potential bruising and swelling with moderate restriction in heavy activity.  After 2 weeks, most patients will return to their normal routines with gradual increase in activity.

Risks of Facial Fat Transfer

Risks of facial fat transfer are similar to those from dermal fillers (link to dermal fillers page) but with the addition of extra variability over time.  Since fat is a natural living substance, it can slowly be re-absorbed in varying amounts, requiring occasional revision. It is also subject to changes with weight gain or weight loss. Discomfort, swelling and bruising at the donor site are common short-term risks. With larger volume fat harvest, the risks are similar to those of liposuction (link to liposuction page)

How long will Facial Fat Transfer results last?

These results can be permanent. The amount of fat that gets reabsorbed varies, with some fat absorption occurring in the first 3-4 months before permanent results are obvious.

Cost of Facial Fat Transfer

Dr Somogyi creates each quote to reflect the specific plan for each individual patient. With facial fat transfer, this can be highly variable depending on the number of areas addressed and the volumes of fat recommended.

An average range would be $5000 – $7000

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