Insider tips to prep for your best breast surgery.

Reduction vs Lift

04 Jul Insider tips to prep for your best breast surgery.

What you’ll wish you knew before your surgery!

There are certain things everyone should know in preparation for breast surgery. While our breast stories are all unique, there are some simple go-to tips that can make a surgical experience better for every patient.

In this three-part series, we’ll explore breast augmentation insider information. Let these insider tips ensure a smooth transition into a new chapter with the breasts you always wanted.

Having a breast surgery? Here’s what you should know:

1. It’s okay (and important) to ask questions.

You deserve the reassurance of knowing your body is in good hands. Know your own needs and speak up when you have a question or request. This way you can ensure that your own unique medical history and profile are being properly integrated into your care. At Somogyi Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on personal care – listening to patient needs and explaining every step of the process as we move ahead.

2. Find a surgeon you can trust – and listen to their advice!

An experienced, certified, detail-oriented surgeon will understand the nuances of your breasts and the unique balance of your body shape. Ultimately, your surgeon should want you to end up with breasts that feel natural and perfect to you. A skilled surgeon has performed more breast surgeries than the number of times most people will even see a breast in their lifetime. Choose a surgeon you fully trust – they’ll help you build the right road map to get you where you want to be. We all have an idea of what our perfect breasts look like, and this is an important factor in finding the right size, shape and placement for your breasts. But be open to suggestions your surgeon offers regarding proportion, balance and symmetry – use their expert advice to inform your own vision.

3. Understand each step of the process – and remember that you know your body best!

You have the most insight into what your body needs and your unique medical history. A friend of ours told us about her experience with breast augmentation at another clinic. She recalled that despite having brought up to her surgeon that she’d had a hysterectomy (removal of her uterus), she still had to take multiple pregnancy tests, as is the standard protocol for breast augmentation.

While surgeons and clinics have specific protocol they need to follow, this example shows why it’s important to find a team that makes it a priority to give individualized care through every step of the surgical journey and make you feel confident that you are being heard. You should feel comfortable asserting yourself and taking ownership of your care.

4. Seek support ahead of time. Breast surgery is a big step and it’s great to have friends or family ready to support and coach you through the experience. Plan a beach day to look forward to several months after your surgery! Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family to check in on you during healing so that you feel supported as you recover.

5. Self-care is king! Undergoing breast surgery is an exciting journey. You will go through passages in which your body needs space and time to properly heal. What makes you feel good? Prepare for your surgery day with a relaxing bath the evening beforehand, give yourself a few extra hours to sleep in on the weekends, and eat a healthy diet that will give your body the strength and energy it needs. Remember that breast augmentation in itself won’t generate confidence or happiness. Make a list of other things you love about yourself – inside and out – and meditate on these. That way you’ll be able to fully enjoy your new breasts and embrace all that is lovely about you at the same time.

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