What to pack for your surgery day

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05 Sep What to pack for your surgery day

By Caroline Elie, real patient

If you’re reading this, you must be excited and nervous for your big day. And if you are feel a bit lost and overwhelmed, trust me, it will all be OK. I waited so long to make my decision to get a rhinoplasty that the day before I had my surgery, I cried for an hour. I think I was already feeling the relief and the inner peace that this was creating in me. Now, here’s what you need to prepare if you’re also getting a nose job (I’m already excited for you!):

  • Comfortable yet fashionable clothes: To be honest, I didn’t stay in my pj’s during the recovery time. I needed to be dressed, even though I was staying home and laying on the sofa most of the time. Pack some loose shirts, ideally buttoned ones, so you can easily put them on without putting them over your head. Your nose will be the most precious and fragile thing you need to take care of for the next days, so think zipped vests and buttoned shirts, and leggings!
  • Cotton Swabs: I still use these a lot when I don’t want to put pressure on my nose and I need to clean it. These are absolutely essential to clean blood stains or even apply Polysporin to your scar.
  • Saline nasal spray: I also used this for a few weeks following my surgery as it helps keeping everything moisturized so you can breathe easily. Your surgeon will also probably recommend that you buy some for the days after your surgery.
  • Arnica: A friend of mine recommended that I take arnica a few days before, because it helps your face to be less swollen. I did take some and it did help a lot, and it was also on my list of medications to take after the surgery. Talk to your surgeon about it.
  • A few pillows: You will need your head to be elevated at all times, even during your sleep, so take extra precautions by keeping a few more pillows with you at all times. It also helps avoiding that you move during your sleep.
  • Pineapple juice: Another natural remedy that is supposed to help your swollen nose and face. It has not been proven, but drinking my pineapple juice every morning definitely made me feel good!
  • A refreshing mist: I already use a face mist every morning to wake up and refresh my skin, and I loved using it during the days after the surgery. It was difficult for me to wash my face (you have to use wipes since you can’t put your head under the water) but I used a hydrating mist a few times a day and it really felt good!

What about you, would you add anything to my list?

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