Ready for breast surgery? Here’s what we think you should know.

Somogyi Plastic Surgery Toronto Breast Surgery Tips

15 Aug Ready for breast surgery? Here’s what we think you should know.

At Somogyi Plastic Surgery we’ve seen every type of breast surgery and augmentation. We’ve seen striking similarities in how different individuals approach surgery. And while every surgery is different and specific, here’s what we think everyone should know! 

Explore these important considerations when you’re about to begin your breast augmentation journey.

Know your body.

» Proportion, symmetry, and balance are important considerations when it comes to breast augmentation. 

» Compare this to the act of applying makeup: you can always make a red lip redder, or a smokey eye darker. But the final effect of the makeup should be balanced and enhance the features you wish to showcase in the most natural, effective way.

»Dr. Somogyi has received specialized training and has extensive experience in reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery. Seek out a skilled, experienced surgeon who knows how to design a surgical plan that is specific to your body, goals, and proportions.

Set reasonable expectations.

» Never go into a procedure or treatment expecting to come out of it as a different person. Seek a vision that enhances and highlights the beauty you already possess.

» A great surgical consultation means discussing your goals, asking questions, and finding the best way to bring your vision to life while setting the right expectations.

» Write down your intentions for breast augmentation to be sure that they’re realistic.

» Emerging from a surgical procedure resembling Marilyn Monroe? Unlikely. Feeling confident in a bathing suit or showcasing some proportionate cleavage in a dress? That’s more like it. 

Bigger isn’t always better.

» Just because you can go bigger, doesn’t mean you should!

» We see many women in their 50s or 60s wanting to undergo breast reductions, and fewer who want to enlarge their breast shape. 

» Consider how your breasts will age and change over time. If you enlarge your breasts, remember that they will still naturally age and fall – include this consideration in your decision making process.

» Discuss how your breasts will age with your surgeon to ensure that the breasts you choose today will still be the right breasts for you tomorrow. 

Use these tips to help you prepare and feel confident in the journey you’re about to begin and to figure out what surgical decisions are right for you.

Contact us today for a breast consultation. We understand the art of building a breast augmentation strategy that caters to your needs, concerns, and ideal outcome.

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