Rhinoplasty: Put your best face forward.

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27 Jun Rhinoplasty: Put your best face forward.

There are many ways to transform your appearance, make positive changes, and put your best face forward. Today, we’re exploring rhinoplasty, a procedure to improve the shape, size, and general appearance of your nose, often simultaneously improving self-esteem and confidence.

Why rhinoplasty is right for you.

You are a man or woman in good health and have likely been bothered by the appearance of your nose for an extended period of time. You may also require a rhinoplasty because you have medical concerns like a deviated septum, trouble breathing or other functional complications. Many of our patients choose a nose job because the shape of their nose overshadows or does not complement their facial balance. You may opt for this surgery because you prefer a narrower nose, a higher bridge, a more refined nasal tip, or the removal of a bump.

Concerns are unique and personal to each patient. Perhaps you feel confident in who you are but feel that the shape of your nose gets in the way of how others perceive you. Patients often come to us because the shape of their nose before rhinoplasty distracts from or does not enhance their facial balance.

What rhinoplasty will do for you.

Having the ability to make changes and choices about your nose shape can be an empowering experience. It’s not just a new nose shape which allows our patients to feel confident post-surgery, but the emotional and psychological impact of this change. Having control over something which was previously a source of unhappiness or insecurity means that you can move forward with new confidence. Rhinoplasty has a considerable effect on the rest of the face; it can open up the face or change the impact of a first impression. When you make a change like this, it has a holistic effect on your appearance and well-being.

Choosing a nose job can be an empowering experience that allows you to feel more like yourself and put your best face forward.

What you may not know.

A common misconception about rhinoplasty is that it is always obvious and extreme. A celebrity like actress Blake Lively is a great example of someone who has had a subtle rhinoplasty in order to enhance their natural beauty without changing their look in an extreme way. Her face has opened up and softened as a result of the subtle changes made, but she still looks like herself after her nose job.

This is just one example of how even the slightest change in your nasal structure makes a big impact on your facial balance. Even a few millimetres can soften the appearance or improve facial balance. This is why it is so important to find a clinic like Somogyi Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ron Somogyi takes the time to work closely with each individual in order to understand your vision, your needs, and the idiosyncrasies of every patient’s unique features.

Some patients have initial concerns about the stigma of having a rhinoplasty: that everyone will know, or that they need to feel embarrassed about making this positive change. Not only are more people having rhinoplasties than ever before, but the social understanding of the positive impact of a rhinoplasty has changed tremendously in a positive way. Having said that, it is absolutely possible for your surgery to be both discreet and as private as you wish. Planning is very important in this regard. Be sure your surgery doesn’t fall on holidays or busy times at work and set aside time to heal, adopting a healthy lifestyle that lets you recover comfortably. We are here to discuss any concerns with you and to help make a plan that brings you confidence.

It’s always useful to have a vision about what you would like your nose to look like. Bringing in photos of noses you like will help us have a meaningful discussion about the changes you would like to make.

Our office also offers VECTRA XT; a technology that allows for 3D simulation of rhinoplasty surgery, This allows you to envision what your nose will look like after your nose job.

Schedule a consultation today to discuss your vision with Dr. Somogyi. We are here to support and lead you through your next steps.

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