Sisters, not twins.

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11 Jul Sisters, not twins.

Real talk about breast surgery.

A friend of Dr. Somogyi’s was recently speaking about her breast surgery and how every experience is so specific and nuanced. “Each breast is different, and each surgery is different – sisters, not twins!” she said.

We think ‘sisters not twins’ is a great metaphor to keep in mind when you’re approaching breast surgery for the first time. Here’s how this perspective can help prepare you in building a vision for your breast surgery and knowing what to expect.

Natural breasts aren’t identical – a great surgeon understands this.

• Stand in front of the mirror and look at your breasts in detail. There are subtle differences. One nipple may be slightly bigger, or one breast slightly more rounded. Just like any other part of our body, breasts are distinct from each other.

•Your unclothed breasts do not look 100% identical prior to augmentation – so they won’t look 100% identical unclothed after breast surgery. This applies to breast reduction, breast lift and breast augmentation.

• A great surgeon creates breasts that look natural. Part of this skill is honouring the way the body naturally looks, with subtle differences that naturally appear on each individual breast.

No two surgeries are alike.

• Just as our bodies are unique, each surgery has unique goals, challenges and outcomes. A close friend with a similar body type may choose identical implants or the same surgeon, but your implants will still rest on your body differently than theirs – and anyone else’s.

• We think there’s a beauty to this, and also note that this is why finding a great surgeon is so important. Dr. Somogyi has performed hundreds of breast augmentations, breast lifts and breast reductions and understands the unique balance, symmetry, and nuance of your breasts in relation to your body.

• It’s great to discuss your breast surgery with friends who understand, but feel affirmed in choosing the size, shape and implant type that feels right for you.

Build and set reasonable expectations through conversations with your surgeon.

• Think through what your perfect breasts look like. What do they look like in a bikini? Do you have cleavage when you’re wearing a sports bra? How do they feel to you? How do they look in a dress?

• By defining your vision and working with a trusted surgeon, you can find a breast solution that is perfect for you.

Dr. Somogyi is dedicated to providing the best possible experience and the ideal procedure for each patient, with personal and reliable care.

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Let’s bring your vision to life!

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