Thigh Lift

What is a Thigh Lift?

The thigh lift is both a tightening and lifting surgical procedure. The traditional thigh lift predominantly addresses excessive loose skin of the inner thigh, although our technique for thigh lift recontours the thigh circumferentially to a significant degree as well. If you’re concerned about loose skin or excess fat in the thigh area, this surgery can sculpt the thighs to create a smoother, tighter appearance.

Who is a Thigh Lift right for?

The inner and outer thighs are problem areas for many patients. Fat or loose skin on the upper thighs can be impossible or difficult to target with exercise. A thigh lift can be a good solution for clients who have loose skin as a result of significant weight loss. A surgical consultation will establish whether a thigh lift is the right solution for you.

What are my Thigh Lift options?

In some cases, the scar is limited to the groin crease and a lifting effect of the upper inner thigh is achieved. In most cases, however, the thigh requires tightening down to the mid-thigh or even to the knee. In these cases, the groin scar is combined with a scar along the inner thigh to remove the extra skin and tighten the thigh circumferentially.

Liposuction is very often used in conjunction with a thigh lift to improve the overall contour of the thigh and adjacent areas.

What to expect from a Thigh Lift?

Thigh lifts are performed under general anesthetic as out-patient procedures. Patients go home after surgery with their thighs wrapped in bandages and begin wearing compression garments 4-5 days after surgery.

Thigh Lift Recovery

Patients are encouraged to walk around immediately after surgery but should avoid significant activity for 2-3 weeks. Full activity, including exercise, can usually begin again at 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Before and After Thigh Lift

View Dr. Somogyi’s before and after body contouring photos in our gallery here.

What are the risks of a Thigh Lift?

The most common risks of thigh lift surgery are wound healing delay and prominent scars. These risks are generally minimized with expert technique and very careful post-operative attention to scar management.

How long will the results of a Thigh Lift last?

The results of a thigh lift are long lasting and vary based on each patient. Maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle can ensure that results will last.

What does a Thigh Lift cost?

Dr Somogyi creates each quote to reflect the specific plan for each individual patient. An average range would be $8,500 – $10,500

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